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Trek wishes, wants, wonderings

This page will be my way of expressing my feelings on all Star Trek topics. Plus it will also have some interesting Trek Facts.

The Final Chapter

A sad time in trek indeed is here. Our favorite television show Star Trek Deep Space Nine is almost at it's end. I've grown up around this show. I've laughed with Jadzia, I've cried with Sisko, I've even imagined being a boytoy for Ezri! Never has a television show moved me so much in the past seven years as this one program has. What makes this show so special is not that it's Star Trek but that it helps us look deep within ourselves and find that mankind is capable of more then anyone could imagine.

Season 7 so far

What is going on with Deep Space Nine? I have no clue. After last season's wonderful year this season doesn't seem to match up. Last season at this time we had some of the best episodes ever but this season they are all only fair. Will they get better? I'm hoping. Only time will tell I guess though.

Voyager's best season ever!

Last year I said Voyager had it's best season ever, but this season by far has been the best. Not only have they given me a reason to watch again they've made Deep Space Nine look bad. (Which I would have never of believed possible.) Every character has grown this season so far, and it's not even half way through the year yet. I'm so excited I can't wait until the next episode!

The Romulans are back and are hotter then ever.

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't to excited about the idea of the Romulans joining the fight or even the idea of bringing the Romulans back. The only one I've ever liked was Sella. But now I'm very excited about the idea that the Romulans will be around. The Senator in the episode TOTP was so funny I couldn't stop laughing. I thinking about actually joining a Romulan Fan Club.

Dax!! Isn't she cute!

Ezri Dax joined the crew of Deep Space Nine three months after Jadzia Dax's sudden death, begging of season seven. I for one was not very excited about the possibility of a new dax taking over my once favorite character Jadzia, Terry Farrel. But now I've come to realize that this new Dax is cuter, funnier, and can act better. I loved Terry Farrel, but I'm not sad to see her go. Long live Ezri!

Okay that's all I know.  If you hear of any rumors, facts, or wonderings let me know.

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