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"Welcome to the Promenade, ambassador. Please feel free to look around the station, and if you get lost look at the Promenade Directory. Ambassador don't forget to enjoy your self!"

Promenade Directory

Bajoran Temple: Come in my child. You never know who you might see.

Dockmaster's Office: Do you have goods you'd like to bring to the station, or would you like to dock your star ship to the station? If so this is the place for you. You may just want to stand around and look at all the famous visitors who come from all over the galaxy to visit the station.

Fuzzy's Barber Shop: Fuzzy welcomes you to come in and get the best hair cut you have ever had in your entire life, or just sit around and chat. (Note: This section has my guest book, awards, and web rings)

Ferengi Credit Union: The Ferengi that runs this joint is here to help you have a better stay on the station. He encourages you to fill out a survey and look at what has been going on with this site.

Garak's Tailor Shop: A tailor you can trust You can find out all the new gossip going around the Star Trek Universe in an section called Trek wishes, wants, and wonderings.

Infirmary: Visit Doctor Bashir and he'll heal all your pains from broken limbs to plasma burns. Or you may just want to do research on the DS9 Crew with his station's computer.

Interstellar Travel Office: Do you work hard all day long? Do you have screaming children? Are you almost going insane? If you answered yes to any of these questions the Interstellar Travel Office invites you to let them plan a vacation you'll never forget.

The Klingon Restaurant: Once you've eaten here you'll never have to say nuqDaq 'oH Qe' QaQ'e',  Where is a good restaurant? This restaurant has the best live gagh in the Quadrant and it also has original Klingon music.

Look out point: Come and join Jake Sisko and Nog while they stand around and look down on the Promenade and see all the beautiful women walk by.

Mrs. Keiko O'Brien's Schoolroom: Here you can learn with the children of Deep Space Nine. The children are taking a Star Trek quiz why don't you try it out too.

Quark's Bar: this is the hippest bar in the galaxy. Come sit down and have a drink with Morn. The specials today are glop on a stick and Root Beer.

Station Security: Come in and look at the place where Odo busts crime all day long.

Turbolifts Take a ride on a turbolift and see other parts of the station. Operations, Guest Quarters, Captain Kasidy Yates Star Trek Links, and more.

Web Masters go here to join my web ring The Promenade Directory of Sites

Please feel free to e-mail me for anything!