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This page was made to inform you what I have done to the page and when I did it.

The Promenade: A World full of Aliens was last updated 9904.10

Today I added a new section called the holding cells. It can be found in the station security area. 9904.10

I joined TrekSites, and Trekseek today. 9904.09

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I've added a new section today the Ferengi Credit Union. I'm also looking into making a Voyager web site plus finishing my site off. 9904.08

Today I only did one thing I deleted some articles in my Trek Wonderings page and also added a new article. 9904.07

I know I made a lot of promises in the start of the year but I became really busy with school and work. I'm going to set aside a few hours a week so that I can start with the new sections. I have picked a new site of the month, Section 31. 9903.14

I've been really busy. I've worked really hard in making my site easier to navigate and more enjoyable to look at. I've also switched URL's. I've added new sections and moved sections to other places. The once called Bolian Travel Agency has been renamed and called the Interstellar Travel Office . Another renamed area is The Dock master's Office, it was known as the airlocks. I've added a new section called the Infirmary and it houses the crew profiles. I've deleted my old guest book and have created a new guest book. I'm also working on multiple new sections (The holding cell, Federation Casualty List, Federation War Logs, The Ferengi Credit Union, and many more. Please let me know your ideas and thoughts on my new page layout my e-mail address is 9901.23