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Official Food Tasting Test

Hello, commander you've just come in time for the official Deep Space Nine Food Tasting Test. So how would you feel about a tour around the different booths.

First we have my best customer Morn and some green stuff. Let me warn you don't try the stuff it'll kill you.

Then we have Chief O'Brien eating a Jumja stick which was provided from Jumja Stick Kiosk. Let's ask him a question. Chief how is the stuff? It's the best. There we have it right from the man.


Here we have Doctor Bashir eating some of the best food in this quadrant. Let's ask him a question too. So Doctor how's the food? What does it look like Quark. It's terrible, I don't know why you insist on me doing this every year! Ok that's enough of that lets move on shall we.


Now we have both the good Doctor and the Chief eating grand quantities of food that can all be found at Quarks for a great price. So guys how's the food? I can't tell you enough it's almost as good as my mother makes would you agree Julian. I hate to say it but I have to agree with the Chief on this subject. Their you have it once again from my official food tasters.


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