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Dominion Races

The Dominion is located in the Gamma Quadrant and parts of the Alpha Quadrant. It is composed of 100's of races all of which have one thing in common, their obedience to the founders.

The Founders (changelings)

The changelings were a race that 2000 years ago were explores of the Gamma Quadrant, but distrust and hatred by the solids forced them into isolation on at least two homeworlds. The Founders did not stop exploring the Gamma Quadrant. They sent over a 100 baby changelings all over the Quadrant with a strong urge to return home to look for new civilizations.

Interesting facts about the changelings

-The changelings live in the Great Link where they are connected not only physically but also mentally. They are not a hive mind because they are individuals. It's like a drop of water in the ocean.
-When a changeling dies he turns into a pile of ashes.
-No changeling except Odo has ever killed one another.

The Vorta

The Vorta homeworld, Kareel Prime, was offered entry into the Dominion. When Kareel Prime refused, the Dominion sent the Jem'Hadar. The Jem'Hadar destroyed the communication center and executed the Vorta leaders.

Interesting facts about the Vorta

-The Vorta have bad eyes.
-The Vorta have good ears.
-The Vorta are immune to most poisons.
-The Vorta are genetically engineered.
-The Vorta are the link between the Dominion and the Founders.
-If captured they are supposed to commit suicide

The Jem'Hadar

The Jem'Hadar were genetically engineered by the Founders, in order to have loyal soldiers. They live to serve the Founders. The Jem'Hadar are addicted to a drug known as Ketracel White which can only be provided for by the Vorta.

Interesting facts about the Jem'Hadar

-they don't eat
-they only live between 15-20 years
-A phaser set on stun doesn't affect Jem'Hadar at all
-Jem'Hadar have a preprogrammed basic intelligence and knowledge, and together with an incredible ability to learn, they're able to speak after a few hours being alive
- Jem'Hadar have a built in cloaking device
-If Jem'Hadar fail in their mission to protect the Founders they commit suicide.
-The Jem'Hadar Travel in groups of threes with a Vorta in charge.


These are the merchants for the the Dominion. They have traded with the Ferengi and the Federation. Unlike the Ferengi these merchants are very honorable and fair. The Karemma's currency is called Dirack.


These are the navigators/trackers On Dominion ships. They also engage in hunting the Tosk. Once they have found them they kill them. The Hunters are genetically engineered.


The Tosk are genetically engineered by the Dominion, to serve as prey for the Hunters. That is their only role in life. Their greatest wish in life is to die with honor and not to be brought back to their homeworld.


Picture of a Cardassian and a Vorta

The Cardassians were renowned in ages past for its exquisite artifacts and advanced civilization. Its ruins and artifacts were legendary; unfortunately, few of these still stand, as the military government and its starving citizens plundered the planet's treasures during Cardassia's long war with the federation. The planet itself is so bereft of natural resources that Cardassians were forced to look to nearby Bajor; thus began an occupation that left Bajor stripped of its rich resources.

The Cardassians were formerly as peaceful and spiritual as their Bajoran neighbors, but a lack of resources coupled with a starving population led to the establishment of a military government. The people themselves are intelligent, inquisitive, and renowned for their photographic memories.


Were once part of the Federation but the Dominion took the planet in a matter of hours. Betazoids are a race of humanoid telepaths from the planet Betazed. Most Betazoids develop their telepathic abilities in adolescence, although a few individuals are born with their telepathy fully functional. These troubled individuals generally require extensive therapy to survive in society, since they lack the ability to screen out the telepathic noise of other people. Betazoids are, however, incapable of reading Ferengi, Breen, or Doptherian minds, possibly as a result of the anomalous 4 lobed construction of their brains. The normal gestation period of a Betazoid is 10 months.


The Breen are an advanced civilization who joined the Dominion to fight against the Federation and its allies to gain control of the Alpha Quadrant. The Breen were once thought to be from a frozen wasteland of a planet but their alliance with the Dominion has told us that is is just the opposite, a tropical jungle environment. Which brings us to the question "why do they where refrigeration suits?" No one has ever seen a Breen with out a suit and lived to tell about it. The Breen have been in conflict with many races in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants for many years. The Klingons once sent a fleet into Breen Space and they were never heard from again.

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