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Welcome Ambassador to the  U.S.S Defiant NX-74205. Captain Sisko has asked me to give you a small tour of this wonderful ship.  In fact this ship is the first of it's kind, a Defiant class warship. And because of the increase Dominion threat we were lucky enough to obtain it to maintain safety in the Alpha Quadrant.

Ambassador you might also find it interesting that this ship's weapons systems make it the most powerful warship in the Alpha Quadrant! It has Twin fountain Stream Phaser Cannons capable of destroying the shields of an enemy vessel and then devastating it's hull, plus new developments of photon torpedoes which remain classified. Added to these and other classified systems the Defiant is extremely maneuverable and quick - the fastest sublight ship ever constructed! The Starship Defiant was also given a cloaking device from the Romulans in a historic treaty to protect the Alpha Quadrant.

On the Bridge most of the consoles are devoted to weapons and tactical systems, and everything is centered around a single command chair. this was designed to be the hot seat, from which the captain would oversee the fight against the BORG. The ship's interior is spare and functional; there are no luxuries, in fact crew members often have to share quarters: small rooms with two bunks each. The Defiant can carry a complement of about fifty people.

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