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Crew Profiles


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Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko


Captain Benjamin Sisko was born in New Orleans on planet Earth in the year 2332. After Sisko graduated from Starfleet Academy he met his future wife, Jennifer, at Gilgo Beach on Earth while he awaited his first posting. After Benjamin and Jennifer got married they both had a little boy named Jake. In the year 2367 during the battle of Wolf 359 the Starship Saratoga, Sisko was the ship's executive officer, was lost to a Borg ship. Sisko managed to escape with his son Jake, although Sisko's wife, Jennifer, was lost in the disaster. Three years later Sisko was assigned to take command of the space station Deep Space Nine. Shortly after Sisko discovers a stable wormhole in the Denoris Belt in the Bajoran system, linking the Alpha Quadrant to the distant Gamma Quadrant. According to Bajoran beliefs, alien life-forms discovered by Sisko in the wormhole are a fulfillment of Bajoran prophesy, making Sisko into the role Bajorans call the "Emissary". He is respected and has great influence over the Bajorans, he even advised the Bajorans not to accept Bajoran acceptance into the Federation. Sisko has also been given a ship, the Defiant, to defend his station from an oncoming attack from the Dominion. Sisko now is one of the most important men in Starfleet, he even commanded a mission on a Jem'Hadar battle ship to destroy the Ketracel-white supply in the Alpha Quadrant. Captain Sisko also has been able to convince the Romulans to enter the Federation-Klingon/ Dominion war.

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Colonel Kira Nerys

"Isn't that a coincidence I was hoping you weren't married. "-Intendant Kira ,from the parallel universe, to her guard after she tries to seduce him after he replies that she sentenced his wife to death.


Kira was born on the planet Bajor during the Cardassian occupation. Her mother was taken to DS9 to become Dukat's comfort woman when Kira was very young. She grew up fighting the ruthless Cardassian overlords on her home planet and became a terrorist at the age of 12 to help win Bajor's independence. After the occupation Kira became the first officer of DS9. Major Kira recently had Chief O'Brien, and Keiko O'Brien's son after a freak accident forced Doctor Bashir to transfer the baby into Kira's body. Major Kira and Constable Odo have become romantically involved with each other. Kira's faith was tested to the extreme when she gave up her body to the Prophets during the reckoning.

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Lieutenant Commander Worf


Worf is the first Klingon in the history of the Federation to become a Starfleet officer. He was only six at the time of the Khitomer massacre where his whole family and every one except for his Nanny and his brother where killed. Worf was adopted by humans, Sergey and Helena Rozhenko, who live on Earth. Worf was assigned to the Enterprise-D as the security chief shortly after graduating Starfleet Academy. Worf has a son by the name of Alexander who lived with him for a while but then moved with his grandparents on Earth. After the destruction of the Enterprise-D Worf went on a extended leave to the planet Boreth. Shortly after he was assigned to the station Deep Space Nine where he opposed Gowron and was stripped of his families titles, he would finally get his title back. Worf at first had trouble relating to station life and then decides to move his quarters to the Defiant. Worf was assigned to the Rotarran under the command of Klingon General Martok during the Federation/ Dominion war. Worf has also helped the Enterprise-E in defeating the Borg Vessel that went back into history to destroy the first man made warp vessel. Worf and Dax got married right after the retake of the space station Deep Space Nine. While on an away mission Worf had to make a horrible choice, to save his wife or save a Cardassian traitor with information on the Dominion. Worf saved his wife and was told that he would probably never get his own command because of it. Unfortunately Dax was killed while thanking the prophets for letting Worf and her have a baby.

[Note: to find more Worf pictures you may want to go to my WORF picture page. Caution the download time is scary.]

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Doctor Julian Bashir


Doctor Julian Bashir is a starfleet medical officer, born 2342, assigned to the space station Deep Space Nine in 2369. Bashir is a brilliant physician, having graduated second in his class. Bashir is considered one of the brightest Doctors in the Federation, and even once nominated for the Carrington Award. Bashir asked for Deep Space Nine so he could practice frontier medicine. Later we found that as a young boy of six Bashir was not very smart. His parents then decided to genetically enhance his brain. Bashir's father was sent to a Federation prison for two years because of his genetic background.

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Miles Edward O'Brien


O'Brien was born in Ireland, Earth. He was previously assigned to the maintenance and operation of the transporter on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. He was married to Keiko Ishikawa by Captain Picard, and also had a baby aboard the Enterprise named Molly. After serving three years on the Enterprise he was assigned to Deep Space Nine where he is in charge of the maintenance of the station. Miles and Keiko had a baby boy on the station while Kira gave birth to the baby.

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Constable Odo

"He's particularly fond of the one called 'Louie, Louie." -Odo to Kira, explaining that when he and O'brien go kayaking together in the holosuites, the chief likes to sing ancient human sea chanteys to help him keep a steady rhythm.


Odo is one of a hundred changeling infants sent off into the galaxy by the Founders of the Dominion. The Bajorans raised him and accepted him as one of them. Odo's true shape is a formless blob and he sleeps in a bucket at night. Odo lost his shape shifting capabilities after he killed one of his own people. During this time the Klingon Empire gave Odo praise for helping find a changeling operative acting like the Klingon General Martok. Later Odo found a baby changeling who died and gave Odo back his powers to shape-shift. Odo has since made a relationship with First Officer Major Kira Nerys. During the Federation/ Dominion war Odo was part of the station's Ruling Power.

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Rom, also known as Quark's idiot brother, has become a major character in the Star Trek Deep Space Nine continuing saga. As Quark reached his Age of Ascension and left his homeworld to seek fortune on his own, Rom stayed to seek other less important interests. Rom's first wife, mother of their child Nog, unfortunately left him and took all his profit. Later he came to work for his brother as a waiter in his bar. While working for Quark he is mistreated causing Rom and many others to form a labor union, which is against Ferengi law. Shortly after forming the labor union he quits Quark's to pursue work as a Bajoran diagnostic technician, for which he has superior knowledge. In a years time Rom and Leeta, a Bajoran dabo girl working at Quark's, get married Captain Sisko performed the ceremony. When the Dominion took over the space station Deep Space Nine Rom was part of the underground resistance that helped to get the station back. As the Federation/Dominion was continues we find Rom becoming very helpful. Rom and Leeta offer add a comedic value to the show that lightens the plot.

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Ensign Nog

Nog is the first Ferengi to join starfleet. Nog is the son of Rom and nephew of Quark. Nog's relationship with Jake Sisko was helpful when getting into Starfleet Academy. Since Non-Federation members cannot join Starfleet unless A Starfleet Captain writes a recommendation letter Nog could not join.  So he went to Captain Sisko and got a letter of recommendation to join starfleet. Nog has somehow been able to skip three years of the academy and has been given the rank of ensign. He is assigned to the space station Deep Space Nine and the starship Defiant.

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Other Great Lines

"But if trouble breaks out, it's not a viewscreen, or a chair, or even a sandwich you'll be wanting - it's a biobed, with a surgical tissue regenerator." [Bashir]
"Maybe, but right now I would settle for a viewscreen" [Dax]
"Or a chair" [Nog]
"Or a sandwich." [O'Brien]

"Kick his butt." -Keiko to O'Brien just before O'Brien heads into a racquetball
match with Bashir in which Bashir is odds-on favorite. in the episode Rivals

"See Brak acquire. Acquire, Brak, acquire." -Quark, recounting a book he used to
read to Nog as a child. in the episode "Accession"

"Well, the truth is usually just an excuse for a lack of imagination." -Garak to the
senior staff. from the episode "Improbable Cause"

"It's a gift." -Quark to Grilka after she comments that he must be quite a liar. from
the episode "The House Of Quark"

"It's like... it's... it's... it's like talking to a Klingon!" -Zek to himself, grumbling over
his son's thickheadedness.

"Behold ... Benjamin Sisko: supreme arbiter of right and wrong in the universe."  Dukat in the episode "Waltz"

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