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A Tribute to Morn
My best customer


This page is for my very best customer in the whole galaxy....MORN. I know what your saying he's an alcholic barfly, but he's my alcholic barfly! excuse me for cyring he always pays his tab at the end of the month. Where he gets all his money, I've never asked. After all, it's not really my business, is it? All I care about is that he spends it at Quark's. Which he does. Every morning he stands outside my door with a big giant smile awaiting for me to arrive and open the door to my bar. As you can see, I'm proud to practice the Fifty-Seventh Rule of Acquisition: "Good Customers are as rare as latinum- treasue them."


Morn Facts!!!!!

Morn is a regular at Quark's

The DS9 pilot "Emissary" was Morn's first appearance.

The Ionite Nebula may be the home of Morn's race.

Morn's race is not known.


Morn was once caught sleeping on the promenade.

Morn love soup.

Morn enjoys a Raw Slug Liver breakfast at Quark's, don't we all.

Rule of Acquisition #286: "When Morn leaves, it's all over!" -Quark.


Dax once went on a date with him.

Morn wears Vaterian wool undergarments form Garak's shop.

Morn has 17 brothers and sisters.

Klingon Coffeen Rakacheenio actually Intoxicates Morn.

Morn Appeared in Voyager's pilot episode "Caretaker".


he once fell asleep in Dax's quarters after a party.

Morn once attened an aution in Quark's bar and purchased a 20th century Earth painting on black velvet.

Worf once knocked Morn over in an attempt to impress Quark's Klingon ex-wife.

Morn flipped out once after Quark made the comment that the station would most likely be destroyed by the Jem' Hadar soon after a Federation/Dominion war began. He smashes his bar stool over Quark's head, rips off all his clothes and runs screaming "We're all going to die" thru out the promenade. That is untill the Major decks him in the Bajoran shrine where he went to beg the Prophets to save hime.

Morn had hair ten years ago.


Quark has mentioned that when Morn leaves for business his sales drop 5% because everyone loves our number one bar fly.

Dax once had a crush on Morn, but Morn told her he wasn't interested.

Morn has two stomachs.

Quark met Morn 10 years ago.


Morn owns a shipping business.

Morn sleeps in mud.

Morn once stole 1000 bricks of gold pressed latinum on mother's day with four other people, and then ran off with it.

Morn once faked his death and gave all his belongings to Quark.

Morn Plays in the Holo suites with Worf every week


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