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Vulcan is a hot, arid planet with higher gravity and a thinner atmosphere than Earth standard. Its humanoid inhabitants are the offspring of a passionate and violent race, whose devatating wars led them to accept the logical and pacifistic teachings of Surak, also known as the Farther of Vulcan.(Those who rejected Surak's peaceful philosophy migrated to a new system, and are known as Romulans.)

Today, Vulcans eschew emotion in favor of logic, and public displays of emotion, wheter positive or negative are frowned upon. We therefore ask visitors to respect local customes by restricting all such displays to private areas. The majority of the planet consists of rugged desert terrain populated by deadly nocturnal preditors. Tourists are urged to avoid the deserts altogether and restrict their journeys to populas cities. there have been instances of desert casualties both during the cold moonless night and during the day, from the searing heat.

ACCOMODATIONS: Adequate and comfortable. visitors seeking luxury are
directed to the Tourist Quarter in the capital city of ShariKahr.
FOOD: Bland vegetarian cuisine in all establishments run by vulcans, but a
Ferengi-controlled black market for meat exists.
UNIT OF CURRENCY: The Federation credit