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Because of its tropical beauty, stunning sand beaches, sybaritic spas and extensive resort facilities, Risa is a favorite tourist destination. Risa is the site of literally hundreds of different seminars-religious, scientific, professional and self-help-on any given standard day.

Another reason, no doubt, for Risa's popularity is its "anythiing goes" attitude toward sexuality; life forms from sexually restricted cultures are often dawn to visit out of prurient intrest.

One caution, though: While security in hotels and conference centers is excellent, the traveler should take great care elsewhere. Risa is heavily trafficked and rumored to be a favorite rendezvous site for spies, thieves and fortune seekers.

ACCOMODATIONS: The best in the galaxy.
FOOD: Exquisite.
SHOPPING: Excellent.
UNIT OF CRRENCY: Every vaild form