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Welcome, ambassador, my name is Quark and this is my humble bar. Is their anything I can get you a Root Beer, a Black Hole perhaps, no... how about a Raktajeno. O.K. you don't want a drink, how about something to eat. I have just the thing for you, a fresh plate of extra spicy steamed Romulan Mollusks. O.K. you can't blame a Ferengi for trying can you. Make sure you look around my bar. Holo suites are up the stairs to the left. But remember if you enter one satisfaction is not guaranteed. See you later.

It's me again, Quark. I would like to offer you a free look at the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. Don't pass up this offer. But also don't forget the the 217th rule Sometimes what you get free cost entirely to much.

Come and see my A Tribute to Morn my best customer.

Ambassador I know what you want to see the Official Deep Space Nine Food Tasting Test. So why don't you come right in and I'll show you around.

If you see this man do not tell him any thing


If you don't know how to play the game of dabo I'm sure one of these ladies will be glad to teach you


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