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(the Klingon Homeworld)

A large, green, class-M world, Qo'noS is considered the heart of the Empire. Its occupants, the Klingons, are a proud race, their reputation as fierce warriors is well-justified. Once the Federation's most feared enemies, and then valued allies, the klingons terminated their long-term peace treaty with us. The Klingon Empire has recently reopened relations with us.

The Klingons many years of peace with the Federation has allowed us to learn many of their customes. They enjoy challenges and live as true warriors that they are. Be advised that if you challenge Klingons to a sporting even, or any event, they will do everything possible to defeat or crush their opponent.

If you respect their honor-obsessed lifestyle, you will discover a fascinating race and treasure trove of living history. Not to be missed are Klingon storytellings. Skilled, entertaining verbal historians are plentiful. But be warned: the stories are about their warrior past and can be quite grusome.

FOOD: Often live, and not for the faint of heart.
SHOPPING: Limited. Be prepared for aggressive and
sometimes physical haggling.
UNIT OF CURRENCY: The daresk, though strips of latinum are also acceptable


The first word is in English ,the scond word is in Klingon, and the third word is how to pronounce the word

1.) Yes.
Hlja' or HlSlaH
khi-JA or khish-LAKH

2.) No.

3.) I cannot speak Klingon.
TLlngan khol vi-JATL-lakh-BE

4.) Where is the bathroom?
nuqDaq 'oH puchpa"e'
NOOK-dak okh pooch-PA-e

5.) Where is a good restaurant?
nuqDaq 'oH Qe' QaQ'e'
NOOK-dak okh kkhe KKHAKKH-e

6.) We will meet in the cocktail lounge.
tachDaq maghom
TACH-dak ma-GHOM

7.) How much do you want for that?
Dochvetlh DllmeH Huch 'ar DaneH
DOCH-vetl DlL-mekh khooch ar da-NEKH

8.) What do I do with this?
chay' Dochvam vllo'
chy DOCH-vam vi-Lo

9.) What do you want?(greeting)

10.) Where do you keep the chocolate?
nuqdaq yuch Dapol
NOOK-dak yooch da-POL