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Operations (ops)

Hello Ambassador my name is Commander Worf. I've been asked to give you a quick tour of DS9's OPS. Ops is located on the top of the Central Core and is the nerve center of the station's operations. Ops is like the Bridge of a starship except for a few differences.

Within Ops, the entire command crew can operate and repair most of the stations systems.  It houses all the main departments as well as most of the Stations computer cores and control systems. The science, engineering, strategic operations, life support, power regulation, main viewing screen and a transporter pad are all arranged in a circular fashion around the main displays for the Senior officers.

The Science station is used as communications center for Ops. The officer in charge of the Science station controls most of the inbound traffic to the station along with the Docking& and is responsible for monitoring the Wormhole and nearby space.

The officer who is running the Engineering and the Operations station co-ordinates his work and repair crews, keeps track of onboard transfers, co-ordinates the different departments and to fixes the station when things go wrong.

The officer who runs Strategic Operations Stations job is to co-ordinate all the different military activities between different forces for the sector.

Ops is also equipped with a six person transporter that can be used for emergency transports. Operations also includes Turbolift 1, and that connects with the lower half of the Central Core then off to the rest of the station.

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