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This class-M planet is home to te most enterprising culture in the galaxy. The Ferengi take a free-market approach to business, government, and every other aspect of life.

Be aware that everything is negtiable, and anything can be had for the right amount of gold-pressed latinum. Also be advised that Ferengi are duty bound to trade untill they acquire all your credits. We highly recommend taking a course in Ferengi negotiation before visiting.

Only Ferengi males are seen in public. Females are traditionally homebound, doing household chores and tending the males every need (including chewing the males food until tender). If you are invited to a Ferengi home, be aware that Females are not allowed to wear clothing.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Everything basic to luxurious beyond belief.
Holosuites for the adventurous.
FOOD: Your money, your choice.
SHOPPING: A shopper's paridise. Everything imaginable for a price.
UNIT OF CURRENCY: Gold-pressed latinum, in slips, strips, or bars. Any Currency is welcome.
PUBLIC SAFTY: The best latinum can but.