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Earth is a blue Class-M planet in the Sol system. Homeworld to the human Race, and the site of Starfleet Command as well as the Federation Counil President's office.

Most of the planet is covered with water that separates the major land masses, which created a multitude of subcultures during its ancient history. Although this multiculturalism was the basis of many past wars, today it offers visitors a wide variety of societies in one location.

Tourists can visit vast land preserves in the nothwestern hemisphere, and dine in some of the galaxy's most sophosticated restaurants on the African continent. Many ancient languages are still spoken on Earth, so make sure your universal translator is in good working order.

Natives pride themselves on their devotion to the arts and the preservation of the environment. However, they are embarrassed by reminders that they almost destroyed the planet during the twentieth century with nuclear weapons chemically based farming techniques. Overall, they are a polite and tolerant race.

ACCOMODATIONS: Comfortable for all life forms
FOOD: Many various types of excellent cuisine.
SHOPPING: Most visitors are intriqued by the quaintness of the various shopping areas. Prices are reasonable.
UNIT OF CURRENCY: The Federation credit