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A class M planet bordering Cardassian space, Bajor had long been renowned for its abundant natural resources, its emerald oceans, and its several moons. Half a million standard years ago, Bajoran culture flourished. Its people were renowned architects, philosophers, and artists. Unfortunatly, the recentn Cardassian occupation of the planet destroyed many ancient temples and works of art, and the planet itself was heavily mined for uridium and other resources.

Today, Bajor is rebuilding. Although it will be some years before it recaptures its former glory, it remains a popular tourist site for those intrested in its ancient and mysterical religion, and wishing to find solitude in its monasteries. The considerate traveler should show great respect for religious customes such as the wearing of ear jewelry and constant reverentreferences to the Phophets and the Celestial Temple. Highly recommended are the annual Gratitude Festival and a visit to the Fire Caverns.

FOOD: A broad selection of distinctly regional dishes ranging from bland to spicy. Something for every taste.
PUBLIC SAFTY:Generally fair. However, violence between warring Bajoran fractions has been known to occur.
SPECIAL ADVISORY: The Bajoran Wormhole, located in the Denorios Belt, should be approached with extreme caution. All travel plans involving passage to the Gamma Quadrant should be registered with the Federation space station Deep Space Nine.